Multicloud with AWS

Adopting Multi-Cloud Approach with AWS

Host your workloads where you feel comfortable and safe.

Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Contrary to the popular perception, AWS runs nearly 2x more Windows Server instances than the next largest cloud provider. Many of our Customers have chosen AWS for their Microsoft Workloads because of its superior platform, security capabilities and broad set of services that enable a quick pace of innovation.

Why Rapyder for Microsoft Workloads ?

Rapyder is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS. We combine our AWS expertise with years of experience with Microsoft solutions to build integrated Microsoft solutions running on AWS platform for our Customers. Our AWS certified Cloud architects work alongside your IT team to build a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution for your Microsoft Workloads on AWS. One of our core service offerings is the automation of Microsoft deployments on AWS as well as managing the enterprise migrations from legacy infrastructure while taking care of the complexity involved.

Rapyder has been recognized as a Well-Architected Partner by AWS. We take this competency to our Customer and ensure to follow best practices, recommended architectures and security compliance that are needed to operate and manage these applications.

Our Services

Planning, analysis and defining roadmaps for migration to AWS

Migration of legacy infrastructure to AWS

.NET based application/serviceslift and shift to AWS

.NET based application server maintenance and configuration (e.g. IIS)

Data migration from legacy databases like SQL server to AWS

DevOps strategy, transformation and delivery pipeline design for hybrid environments.

Monitoring, performance tuning and
cost optimization for disparate
solutions on AWS

Microsoft Workloads on AWS – Rapyder Helps Customers

Increase Availability

With an HA Cloud Architecture

Licensing Flexibility

Define the lowest cost licensing structure available.

Implement CI/CD pipeline

To increase security and performance.

Enable Compliance

Building security best practice into server access and data flow.

AWS Tools

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