ECCMA Cuts Operational Costs by Migrating to AWS Cloud with Rapyder

By Team Rapyder

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The Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) is a member-based, international not-for-profit association committed to improving data quality by implementing international standards. ECCMA is the project leader for developing ISO 8000 – Data Quality and ISO 22745 – Open Technical Dictionaries and their application to master data.

ECCMA provides a platform for collaboration amongst subject experts on data quality and data governance worldwide to build and maintain global standards. The eOTD (ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary), an ISO 22745-compliant dictionary, aids in unambiguously identifying characteristic information and making data language independent during data transfer.


Not-for-profit association


Managed Services

Customer Business Needs:

The customer was currently hosting one of its applications on Bluehost in the US and China region and was looking to migrate the workload to the AWS cloud and wanted to set up the DR Solution for data recovery in the event of data loss.

Solution Approach:

Rapyder worked with ECCMA to assess their current application and infrastructure landscape and provide managed services 24×7 support concerning security, cost optimization, patch management, scalability, and infrastructure maintenance.


  • The monitoring team at Rapyder consistently monitors all the URLs. The URLs are monitored using the Status Cake tool, which provides uptime and downtime periodically.
  •  Monthly Infrastructure reports are prepared and addressed with improvements and solutions to maintain the overall health of the AWS accounts.
  •  They have computed savings plans for their compute hours. Both applications will share the same load balancer.
  •  AWS GuardDuty is to be configured with an automation solution that will take actions based on the findings.
  •  Custom metrics will be configured for each instance, and CloudWatch alarms will be set up.
  •  Rapyder maintains regular backups using AWS Lifecycle Manager and AWS Backup Service to take AMIs’ & Snapshots. The snapshot policy is only applied to root volumes of the DB server and is scheduled for an hourly snapshot with 120 days of retention.
  •  Certificates are purchased from ACM to keep their websites secure, and these certificates are renewed promptly.
  •  Cloud Endure was set up in the Ohio region for continuous data replication and disaster recovery to avoid data loss.
  •  We helped the ECCMA team change the cost savings plan based on the cost optimization report.
  •  Rapyder follows AWS best practices to maintain Identity and Access Management (IAM) users & roles.


Reaping Rewards:

  • There have been minimal issues in the infra for the last 1 year.
  •  Cost Optimization helped ECCMA in cost savings. There is a recurring savings of nearly 180$.
  •  Disaster Recovery setup helped ECCMA to maintain backups for any future data loss.
  •  Patch Management is completed for all the DB instances successfully.
  •  The operating model of AWS helped to manage the infrastructure better.

AWS Services Used:

API Gateway, Audit Manager, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Config, Detective, Dynamo DB, EC2, ELB, Glue, Guard Duty, Inspector, KMS, Lambda, Route 53, Security Hub, SNS, S3, WAF

Next logical move:

The Rapyder team has downloaded the security hub report and will start remediation soon.

Customer Speaks

The customer feels like Rapyder has improved in delivering outstanding services and helped them with great value add. We will be looking forward to an enhanced experience even further.

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