Rapyder Empowers Knorish with Secure and Cost-Efficient Infrastructure

By Team Rapyder

About the Client:

Knorish is a platform that enables hobbyists, professionals, and niche experts to build, launch, market, and sell online courses powered by their knowledge and as an extension of their brand. They are on a mission to change the way people learn by providing them with all the tools they would need to convert their knowledge into a tangible and monetizable business that is sustainable and profitable, one that has the power to impact the lives of millions.


Information & Technology



Third-Party Solution:


AWS Services:

Route 53, ALB, CloudFront, S3, NAT Gateway, WAF, ECS Fargate, ElastiCache, RDS for SQL Server, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, GuardDuty, Inspector, KMS, Secrets Manager, ECR, SES, SNS

Business Need:

The customer was running their application on standalone Windows EC2 instances. They evaluated the benefits of microservices-based architecture and decided to modernize their application by hosting it on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Customer wanted to leverage the benefits of a microservices-based platform on AWS, such as Scalability, Reliability, and Security and is willing to modernize their application and migrate it to ECS without disrupting their business.


Rapyder worked with the customer and created the AWS Cloud Deployment Architecture for implementation. Rapyder’s expert team of Cloud Architects planned a workshop with the customer and stitched a powerful and customized solution. Rapyder’s team supported the smooth transition to the successful deployment of microservices-based architecture and AWS ECS enablement.

  • The Knorish team utilized their in-house expertise to modularize the application into microservices, ensuring efficient application segmentation.
  • The Knorish team then assisted in containerizing the application by comprehensively understanding its details and writing Docker Files.
  • Rapyder thoroughly analyzed the application and recommended hosting it on ECS using Fargate. Unlike traditional static server deployment with all components and functions in a single instance, this microservices architecture separates the application into multiple services with distinct functions.
  • The container orchestration platform (ECS on Fargate) automated the scheduling, deployment, scaling, and management of containers across a fleet of servers. Amazon ECS’s high scalability and performance allowed developers to easily run and scale containerized applications and automatically reschedule containers based on demand.
  • Spot instances were utilized in ECS to reduce costs by providing compute capacity at a discounted price. The Rapyder team strategically configured and used compute capacity for ECS with spot instances to save costs while ensuring sufficient compute capacity.
  • AWS-managed services such as ElastiCache and RDS were employed at the data layer to reduce management costs for database and caching services. The use of Graviton servers resulted in additional cloud cost savings.
  • AWS native services, including CloudWatch, CloudTrail, GuardDuty, KMS, Secrets Manager, etc., enhanced the entire AWS landscape and application’s monitoring, security, and governance.

Reaping Rewards: 

  • Rapyder delivered a secure, resilient, and scalable infrastructure that ensured continuous uptime for the customer’s applications. This was achieved by using a backend infrastructure of multiple availability zones.
  • AWS native security services and managed services, such as Amazon ECS cluster, Amazon RDS, and Elasticache for Redis, reduced infrastructure management overhead. This was because these services are pre-configured and managed by AWS, which frees up the customer’s resources to focus on other business areas.
  • The implementation of AWS DevOps pipelines reduced human errors and increased developer efficiency. This was because the pipelines automate the process of building, testing, and deploying applications. This frees up developers to focus on more creative and strategic work.
  • The easy-to-manage solution helped the customer reduce their AWS monthly recurring revenue by USD 1500. This was because the customer could host their Windows-based application in ECS using a Linux platform in the backend. This reduced the need for additional Windows server licenses.
  • Rapyder’s solution delivered several benefits for the customer – Increased security, Improved resilience, Increased scalability, Reduced infrastructure management overhead, Reduced human errors, Increased developer efficiency, Reduced AWS monthly recurring revenue.

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